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Our team is made up of holistic nutritionists, naturopaths, birth & parenting educators, occupational therapists, dietitians, midwives, nurses – and above all, mothers

Our Mission

To inspire, inform, educate, and nourish your child from Boob to Food and beyond.

Our Why

While raising our children, we struggled to find trustworthy guidance on introducing solid foods. But from that challenging experience, Boob to Food was born. We’re dedicated to ensuring that no parent ever has to endure a similar ordeal.

Our Strategy

Think of Boob to Food as your all-inclusive resource for everything relating to your baby's nutrition. From self-directed guides to personalised 1:1 consults, we'll guide you through each new stage — saving you the guesswork.

Our Belief

We're all about real, whole foods that provide the vital nutrients growing bodies need. But more than that, we believe in building a positive relationship with food and bonding together through the joys of eating.

Hey, I’m Luka McCabe!

With three kids of my own (Flynn, Florence, and Will), I vividly recall the frustration and confusion I felt when starting solids. (And, let's be honest, pretty much everything else!)

Bombarded with conflicting information, I was left in a constant state of "What do I do?" Why wasn’t there a reliable source for evidence-based advice that aligned with my food and parenting values?

So I took matters into my own hands, and created Boob to Food!

I’m a midwife, nurse, birth & parenting educator, certified nutrition consultant, author, and founder of Boob to Food — and passionate about helping parents nourish their children through a comprehensive, holistic approach to food.

Every day, I'm inspired by the impact we have on others' lives. And I'm grateful to be part of such an important and lifelong journey.

Since then, we've grown into a thriving team of health professionals, and the trusted resource for families starting solids.

What I answer to


What I’m called the most (and answer to 26383 times a day). Being a mumma to my three children is my greatest achievement!


My name — simple as that!


I still think it's funny I have my own business, what started as a passion project has developed into having a whole team I coordinate!


I wrote the book I wish I had when I started solids with my firstborn. Milk to Meals is self-published, now a best-seller, and I’m so proud!


I still cringe listening to myself talk on the podcast (I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it), but it seems you all love to hear my ‘audiobook voice’ and advice!


I’m known by this nickname by my husband. If he calls me Luka, I know I’m in trouble!

I couldn't do it without my team

Kate Holm

I wear lots of hats - naturopath, nutritionist, health educator and speaker, clinical director, general manager, podcast co-host - and as much as I love all of those roles, my absolute favourite hat to wear is my mum hat to my 3 children - Jude, Bowie and Imogen.


Who I am:

As a mum of three, my passion for children's health runs deep. I'm dedicated to the well-being of our families and future generations.

That's why I strive to provide practical, empowering, and supportive education while creating a safe space for parents to share their feelings and concerns. We all have them!

Why I’m passionate about health:

My goal is to provide greater understanding and facilitate potent and long-lasting changes. I firmly believe in the power of community, connectedness, and being a conscious and compassionate human being. Together, we can thrive as individuals, families, and as a larger community!

My mission:

Renee Jennings

As a clinical dietitian and nutritionist, I specialise in pregnancy, postpartum, and childhood nutrition. Research is my jam, and I've channelled my expertise into writing Nurture the Seed — a nutrition and recipe book that guides women through the incredible journey of pregnancy and beyond.


Who I am:

I'm a proud mama to two amazing children, Norah and Freddie. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working closely with families and young children in a paediatric feeding clinic.

But it doesn't stop there. I put my skills into practice every single day when it comes to feeding my own little ones. It's my passion to educate families and empower them to do the same.

Why I’m passionate about health:

When it comes to nutrition, I'm all about the 'whole food' approach. There's something magical about connecting people and communities through food — it's a beautiful thing!

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my knowledge with you and make feeding your loved ones easy and nutritious.

My mission:

Rachael Smith

I’m a mum to Olive, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, and the owner of Therapy Time. My private practice is in Brisbane and I'm all about helping children thrive. I’m also the founder of The (OT) Book Club — an awesome online network of like-minded health professionals.


Who I am:

Even before starting my own family, I've been driven by a passion for taking a holistic approach to child development.

I firmly believe that what we eat plays a massive role in every aspect of our little ones' lives. This belief isn’t just theoretical — it's something I witness firsthand in my clinical practice and in my own home every single day.

Why I’m passionate about health:

Meal times are more than just nourishment for our little munchkins — they're opportunities for sensory exploration, fine motor development, oral motor skills, and shaping behaviours.

My mission is to equip parents with a toolkit full of responsive, evidence-based, and family-centred strategies that bring joy to the table!

My mission:

Kate Thomson

I provide support to Luka and our team, the Boob to Food community, subscription group, clinic patients and brand partners. I am a Mother to Daisy and Rocket, living in the Byron Hinterland. My passion for sourcing and cooking real food, and ongoing studies in nutrition, align with my work in communications and marketing within the food and health space. 

Aka Thommo | BOOB TO FOOD Support & Marketing

Who I am:

I believe in the healing power of food as medicine, as well as being a source of joy and connection. My childhood memories of visits to the farmers market, shaped my understanding of the importance of where our food comes from. 
Connecting with producers reinforces my commitment to promoting health and wellbeing through wholesome, locally sourced food.

Why I’m passionate about health:

To provide holistic support to families through understanding, education, and compassion. I believe that fostering connection through community supports families to thrive.

My mission:

Cass McCarthy

I am a nature-loving 'real food' nutritionist and regenerative farmer who is deeply passionate about child nutrition, nutrition education, and cooking. Together with my husband and two children, Finn & Isla, we have a small organic farm and operate a whole-animal butchery in County Clare, Ireland.

our friendly farmer, Butcher & nutritionist

Who I am:

Many parents are overloaded with information and conflicting nutrition advice. My goal is to empower families to make informed choices through a holistic approach to nutrition, embracing the wisdom of whole foods, nose-to-tail eating, and traditional cooking techniques. I also encourage exploration and curiosity in the world of food, and aim to empower children to understand where their meals come from.

Why I’m passionate about health:

As a nutritionist and farmer, I am deeply passionate about health because I understand the intricate relationship between the food we grow and consume and its profound impact on our well-being. This stems from a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of human health, environmental sustainability, and ethical food production, driving me to advocate for practices that prioritise both individual and planetary well-being.

My mission:

Ash Butler

I am an author, a vegetable farmer and cook. I am a mother to my twin 4 year old daughters and currently living on Awabakal country. Cooking, growing and preparing nutritious food for my family and the wider community are my greatest passions.

our van travelling Farmer, cook & recipe developer

Who I am:

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum when I was young. What we ate and the importance of sharing and cooking food together was a focal point in our home. The simplicity of cooking local, whole foods and the enrichment that it provides both us and our environment, brings me so much joy.

Now that I am a mother I will pass this on to my children and show through my food and cooking how supporting local food systems create healthy people, a healthy planet , a healthy world.

Why I’m passionate about health:

To cook food, grow food and create recipes with a strong focus on sustainable practices and ethical food production. I aim to inspire people to cook, to nourish themselves and to spark joy whilst using techniques and processes to lessen our environmental impact as well as help educate on seasonal vegetables.

My mission:

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