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Welcome to our clinic! As family & child nutritionists and naturopaths, we support mindful parents seeking 1:1 support for themselves and their babies.

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If you're ready to address the root causes of your health concerns, you've come to the right place.

Our dedicated team of experienced family & child nutritionists and naturopaths are here for you. Together, we'll delve into nutrition, herbal supplements, lifestyle changes, targeted testing, customised dietary recommendations, and more.

Feel truly heard, lovingly supported, and confidently empowered to make the important choices that impact your family's health.

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Free Discovery Call

15 minutes

Want to see if we’re the right fit? Unsure which consultation is right for you? Chat with our practitioners for answers and guidance. We’re here to help!

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New Patient Consult

45-60 minutes

During this comprehensive consultation, we'll create a personalised treatment plan based on your health goals, develop dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and recommend additional testing if necessary. Plus, we'll provide nutritional and herbal medicine support where indicated tailored to your specific needs.



Existing Patient Consult

30-45 minutes

During this consult, we'll evaluate your and your family's health progress, including further pathology and functional testing if needed. We'll also monitor supplements, provide specialised guidance, and adjust your treatment plan and doses as necessary.

How can we help?


Supplements Consult

15 minutes | 30 minutes

Not sure about your supplements? Pregnant or planning a pregnancy? Book a supplement consultation with our practitioners to review and optimise your supplement regimen.

Immune Consult

30 minutes

Tackle the winter bugs and daycare sickness head-on. In this consult, we'll explore customised food and lifestyle recommendations, along with potential supplements for prevention and acute illnesses.

Starting Solids Consult

60 minutes

Starting solids can be overwhelming, but we're here to help! Whether you're just beginning or have concerns and questions along the way, our in-house naturopath and certified nutrition consultant, Mikal, is ready to provide you with tailored advice and a personalised plan.

Can't find a time that suits you?

Complete the form below to be placed on our cancellation list. We will be in touch as soon as an appointment becomes available.


"I had a baby girl today! Your support was so beneficial."

"And all your prior advice helped me to have the birth I wanted, even in a hospital! Thank you for being so supportive, approachable, and knowledgeable."


"The team was so wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, and supportive.

"I feel very confident in the plan moving forward and reassured by their advice and support"


"My appointment was amazing."

"I felt heard and considered in every way — not just ticking boxes. My needs and my baby's needs were really looked into whilst considering my family history"


"After one call, I feel like we’re already on the right track."

"I feel confident that we’ll be able to boost my little one's gut function, and immunity and have a healthier, happier boy going forward."


"They were able to explain the what and the why."


"Concerns about my son's health were not being addressed."

"After my consultation in the Boob to Food clinic, I feel supported. I feel empowered, well-informed, and heard with good explanations of why certain treatments were being recommended.”

"They detailed so many things that made such sense once going through everything."

Get to know our clinical team

Meet our team of practitioners carefully selected and vetted by our clinic directors, Kate and Luka! They're experts in women's and children's health, infant nutrition, pregnancy, postpartum, and more. With their expertise, feel comforted knowing you're in the most capable hands.


Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist

I'm an experienced naturopath, nutritionist, and health educator passionate about supporting women and families to thrive from preconception to postpartum and beyond.
Specialties & passion: Chronic and complex conditions (adult and paediatric), preconception & fertility support, IVF support.


Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist

With over a decade of experience in holistic medicine and a dedication to staying informed through the latest research, I provide my clients with the knowledge needed to make better choices.
Specialties & passion: : Chronic and complex conditions (paediatric), babies’ and children's health, and eczema.


SENIOR Naturopath & Nutritionist

I believe in the power of both mainstream medicine and complementary approaches, such as nutritional and herbal medicine, working together to provide safe and effective solutions.
Specialties & passion: : Babies and children's health, eczema, kidney, and urinary health.



I’m dedicated to empowering others to tap into their body's innate healing abilities. My purpose is to support, educate, and empower individuals on their path to wellness through Naturopathy.
Specialties & passion: : Menstrual health, fertility support, skin, and gut health.


Naturopath & Certified Nutrition Consultant

With a passion for providing personalised and holistic care, I’m here to support your family's unique needs and guide you in making natural, healthier choices for both you and your baby.
Specialties & passion: : Starting solids, pregnancy and postpartum support, babies and children’s health.


Naturopath & Nutritionist

I firmly believe in the power of personalised care. Together, we'll craft a treatment plan tailored to your unique and individual needs, because there's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach.
Specialties & passion: : PCOS, preconception and pregnancy care, paediatric constipation.

Currently on maternity leave 🤰🏼

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Our goal is to create a comfortable environment so you can openly discuss your concerns with your practitioner. It’s your safe space to ask questions, gain clarity, and uncover the best path forward for you and your family. 

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We're committed to your long-term well-being. After each appointment, we'll provide you with detailed follow-up notes, personalised supplement recommendations, or helpful links.



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