11 – Top tips for successful mealtimes with paediatric OT Rachael Smith

Welcome to our BONUS episode of Boob to Food the Podcast – with an exciting announcement and introduction to our newest team member, paediatric occupational therapist Rachael Smith. This episode is full of insights and creative tips to help your family find joy at the dinner table.

Rachael is a mum to her daughter Olive, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, and the owner of Therapy Time, a private practice based in Brisbane.

Even before having her own family, she has always been passionate about taking a big picture approach to child development. Rachael strongly believes that what we eat has a huge impact on everything and sees this everyday in her clinical practice (and at home).

Meal times are a big deal for our little ones, and they require a lot of sensory, fine motor, oral motor, and behavioural skills. With her gentle, kind and empowering approach Rachael equips parents with a toolkit full of responsive, evidence-based and family-centered strategies.

in this podcast we cover:

  • What is particular eating and how do we know if what our child is exhibiting is normal or a red flag?

  • What age can we expect ‘fussy eating’ or particular eating to start (and finish?!)

  • Top tips for reducing the likelihood that a child will become a fussy eater?

  • The division of responsibility and other helpful strategies for reducing mealtime anxiety for both parents and children

  • and so much more.

Some additional resources we. mention or you might enjoy

Listen to Episode 11 HERE

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Have you seen our subscription group? Rachael will be joining us here, along with Luka and Kate to support you in your feeding, parenting and family journey! Our subscription group is a safe place to ask ANY question you might have. Where no question is silly, too big or too small. A place where other mothers and caregivers can offer advice and support, words of encouragement and be the village that so many of us don’t get to have in the physical sense. And a place for us to house ALL of our exclusive recipes – we release EXCLUSIVE recipes EVERY week, with practical cooking tips and brand recommendations! You can join us HERE.

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