13 – You don’t have to entertain your kids, navigating sibling conflict, sharing and all things play with holistic family psychologist Ashleigh Warner

This week we speak to the beautiful Ashleigh who you might have seen as @raisinghumanskind on Instagram about all things play and entertaining your children.

Ashleigh is a mum, a respectful parenting advocate and a holistic family psychologist. She works with families of stuck and sensitive children to help parents re-connect with themselves and their intuition so they can understand what is truly beneath their child’s behaviour. Her work is to help people see that there is no situation too challenging, or child too stuck, for a holistic and respectful way forward.

in this podcast we cover:

  • The difference between play and playfulness and how much you should really be playing with your children

  • Navigating the dynamic of siblings including sharing, fights and supporting their communication through conflict

  • The importance of play and attachment between children and caregivers, and how we can make play satisfying for everyone

  • Navigating boredom, and why it is actually beneficial

  • What to do when you’re tapped out, but can’t actually tap out

  • and so much more!

This is a truly beautiful conversation for families with children of all ages – we are really excited to share it with you.

You can find Ashleigh on Instagram @raisinghumanskind or via her website holisticfamilypsychologist.com where you will find a selection of courses, resources and ways to work with her.

Listen to Episode 13 HERE

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