19 – An unexpected start to postpartum… breastfeeding challenges, PND and PTSD, natural disaster and immense strength and vulnerability with Hollie Azzopardi

This week’s episode is a must listen for everyone – whether you’re a mum, a mum to be, a friend, a partner or wondering how you can best support the new mums around you. our beautiful guest hollie azzopardi generously and vulnerably shares her challenges and insights, and inspires us to trust ourselves, and really listen to the mums in our world when they are reaching out for help.

Author of The People Pleaser’s Guide to Putting Yourself First, and host of Soul Talk the podcast, Hollie Azzopardi is a writer and speaker with a focus on personal development and spirituality. She is also a mum, and shares so openly and vulnerably about her challenging journey so that other mums don’t feel so alone in their struggles, and those around them can some insight and understanding to support them.

Trigger warning – this emotional and insightful episode includes indirect and direct reference to trauma associated with birth, breastfeeding, and mental illness including postpartum depression and complex PTSD. There are points in the episode where listeners may find Hollie’s emotional state distressing. Listener discretion is advised.

In this podcast we discuss

  • How Hollie’s birth experience didn’t quite go as planned, and what unfolded when she returned home

  • When she started to realise that something wasn’t quite right with her breastfeeding experience

  • The professional advice she sought including being told everything was “normal”

  • Making the call to supplement breastfeeds and how she knew there was no choice

  • Donor milk, formula and pumping

  • The Northern Rivers flood and the incredible fear because of how this impacted her ability to source milk for her baby

  • Postnatal depression, chronic complex PTSD and mental health

  • and so much more!


You can connect with Hollie on Instagram @hollie_azzopardi or her website www.hollieazzopardi.com

Listen to episode 19 HERE

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