27 – Food hacks and minimising food waste with Alex Elliott-Howery

Have you been trying to minimise your grocery spend? Feeling guilty when you throw out all of those tired looking vegetables and sad, old leftovers at the end of the week? Don’t know where to start with preparing simple and nourishing meals for your family? Today’s guest is here to help, one bendy carrot at a time! There are also many very funny food confessions from Luka (and a few appropriately timed f-bombs, so just be mindful around your little people).

Alex Elliott-Howery is the founder of Cornersmith cafe in Sydney, an author, educator and food waste advocate. Alex co-founded Cornersmith cafe and cooking school with her husband James in 2012. She has built a thriving business that brings knowledge once shared around kitchen tables to educate and advocate for changes in our homes as well as in our food systems, bringing local solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Alex has co-written 4 best-selling cookbooks: Cornersmith, Salads and Pickles, and Use it All, and The Food Saver’s A-Z – they’re some of our favourites on our shelf and we HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on a copy too.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Some of the biggest issues facing families regarding food waste and the broader impact this has globally

  • Practical tips to help create nourishing meals when you struggle with what to cook (and how to make it less daunting)

  • Some of the simple and quirky ways we can use what we have to minimise our food spend and food waste

  • and so much more!

Alex is absolutely hilarious and we loved this conversation with her and everything else she puts out into the world. You can connect with her on instagram or find out more about her classes, cafe and cookbooks on the Cornersmith website

Listen to Episode 27 HERE

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