33 – The challenges of working and motherhood, plus being the main working parent with Steph Claire Smith

There can be so many challenges when it comes to motherhood – but the mum guilt, and push/pull of working and being a mum is one that many of our listeners reach out about. Today we chat to the beautiful and absolute powerhouse mumma Steph Claire Smith on her experience of being not only a working mum, but also the main working parent.

Stephanie Miller – or you may know her on Instagram as Steph Claire Smith, is a model, turned entrepreneur and podcast host herself! She is the co-founder of KIC, an incredible company she started with her best friend Laura Henshaw to change the relationship that people have with wellness and themselves. She is also the mum to gorgeous 2 year old Harvey – and shares so openly and authentically about the struggles and public criticism she has faced being the parent who returned to work.

In this podcast we chat to Steph about:

  • How Steph and her husband Josh made the decision for her to return to work and whether it was always part of the plan

  • What Josh did for work prior to becoming a stay at home dad, and how he is coping with the arrangement

  • When Steph returned to work after the birth of Harvey and how she made this work logistically

  • Breastfeeding as a working mum and the challenges and stress that arose

  • All things mum guilt and the public criticism that Steph endured online for being a working mum, as well as the comments and questions made towards Josh

  • Parental preference and how being the working parent has influnced Steph’s relationship with Harvey

  • The mental load and whether this is less now that Steph isn’t the at home parent

  • and so much more!

Steph is so down to earth, genuine and inspiring. We loved chatting to her (and our trip to Melbourne to do so!) and highly recommend tuning in, whether you’re a working parent or not.

You can connect with Steph on Instagram, her podcast or check out the KIC app where she has generously offered our listeners a free trial. Sign up via the KIC website by selecting the monthly plan and using the code BOOBTOFOOD at the checkout. Once you have a subscription you can download the app and log in.

Listen to episode 33 HERE

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