77 – Ensuring Optimal Dental Health for Children with functional paediatric dentist Dr. Staci Whitman

We all want the best for our children’s health, and dental health is no exception. But how do we actually achieve this to ensure their smiles stay bright and healthy (and we aren’t spending a fortune on dental bills in the future)?

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Staci Whitman to answer all your burning questions about children’s dental health.

Doctor Staci is on a mission to create a cavity-free world. She founded one of the first Functional Paediatric Dental Offices in the world, where she takes a whole-body, holistic, and functional approach with her patients. Her dentistry and practice philosophy are both grounded in science and powered by love. Doctor Staci has always been passionate about children’s nutrition and how to improve our food system, the oral microbiome and the oral-systemic connection, and sleep and airway health, focusing her research in residency on how to improve airway assessments and diagnostic tools in the paediatric population.

In this podcast we discuss

  • When our children should first see a dentist and start brushing their teeth
  • What is a cavity and why do we get them
  • The optimal diet for dental health, and what to do if you have a picky eater
  • Dr Staci’s thoughts on toothpaste – what to look for and avoid
  • All about flossing and fluoride
  • Whether breast milk causes tooth decay
  • Why is open mouth breathing is a red flag and what it may indicate
  • … and so much more!

You can connect with Dr Staci via instagram and her website

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