A guide to visiting the new mother, that they wish they could tell you themselves.

a guide to visiting a new mother

Dr Oscar Serrallach has a great piece of advice about visiting a new mother which is ‘no visitors, only staff’ – meaning that the only people who should be coming to visit a new mother are those with job to do. Unfortunately in our western society visiting the new mother after having baby generally includes the visitors coming over bringing nothing & wanting to hold the baby for long periods, accepting the cup of tea you offer them, and leaving a few hours later – with the dirty mug still on the coffee table. The mother is then left to clean the mess, and attend to their probably very now over tired, hungry baby.

I know, and the new mother knows, that visiting them has been well meaning. You are showing them love and support & mothers are so thankful for that, because motherhood can be lonely! However, that new mother has probably dealt with visitors all day, every day for the past week & felt like they haven’t been able to practice breastfeeding (yes it takes practice!) and rest and bond with their baby.

So, visitors, this post if for you – because I don’t know many mothers who have the strength to say this (I know I didn’t). I know you WANT to help, but how can you practically do this (tip, don’t ask the new mother, they will say nothing):

a guide to visiting a new mother

a guide to visiting a new mother  snacks

a guide to visiting a new mother

a guide to visiting a new mother  clean

a guide to visiting a new mother  cleaning

a guide to visiting a new mother  dont over stay your welcome

a guide to visiting a new mother

a guide to visiting a new mother

a guide to visiting a new mother

You can find the website Meal Train here

And there you have it, how to be a great visitor! Would you add anything to this list?

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