Oct 5, 2023

High Protein Ricotta Pancakes

AGE APPROPRIATE: 3 meals a day (once tolerating egg and dairy) MAKES: 8 pancakes These are so yummy, high in protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates- the perfect balanced meal that will leave you and your little one full for longer! I love sharing these with my children especially on a school morning because they set them up for a great day. They contain two allergens – eggs and dairy – so they are suitable to eat once tolerating both allergens. You can also make the batter and keep it in the fridge or freezer and cook fresh the next morning. Ricotta Pancakes – High Protein GF | NF | RSF bowlSpatulaFrying PanStirring Utensil 375 g fresh smooth ricotta4 eggs3/4 cup cassava flour ((buckwheat also works, so does spelt but spelt is gluten/wheat – another allergen))2 tbsp butter or ghee (melted PLUS extra for frying)1 lemon (zest)1 tsp vanilla powder or essence or a scraped vanilla bean Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir together and leave to rest for 5-10 minutesHeat some ghee or butter in frying pan and cook pancakes in batches, turning over when bubbles have formed and browned on one side Note:These pancakes work best on a low and slow temp – they take longer to cook through than a standard pancake so take your time with them so they ricotta has time to cook through! 3 meals a day, Baby Led Weaning, BLW, Breakfast, Family Meals, Fritters, Snack

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