Green Matcha

This one is for the mamas!

Mamas – have you jumped on the matcha train yet? It took me a little while to covert to it warm, but an iced matcha is insanely delicious AND insanely good for you!

Matcha is so high in antioxidants (137x more than normal green tea!), is great for weight loss as it boosts metabolism, burns calories and reduces cravings, is a natural detoxer, gives you energy, clarity and enhances mood – but not in a coffee kind of way – no jitters or headaches, no rise in blood pressure or heart rate as it is a slow release caffeine taking 3-6 hours. It also calms the mind and relaxes the body! Is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, fiber, vitamin c, zinc, magnesium and helps fight disease!!

There are no conclusive studies (that I can see) regarding matcha and children. Matcha contains about half the amount of caffeine as a shot of coffee, however it works together with L-thenaine (a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxed alertness) to give a slow release of caffeine over 6 hours which means as a result it is energising and calming. A similar amount of caffeine would be found in other foods like chocolate – so I would say use matcha at your discretion for children over 12 months if you were to offer it to them or they want to share with you.

Green matcha

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  • 1 Mason Jar
  • 1 Cup
  • 1 Spoon


  • 1 tsp matcha
  • 3 tsp water
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tsp honey or maple syrup (optional)


  • To make an iced matcha (1 serve) I add a teaspoon of matcha to 3 tsp water in a mason jar and mix with a spoon until it becomes a thick paste with no lumps,ᅠ
  • I then add 1 cup almond milk (if you would like sweeter you could add a tsp honey or for no blood glucose spike you can use rice malt syrup or lakanto).
  • Close the lid of the mason jar and shake! Pour over some ice and serve!ᅠ
  • It’s also delicious in smoothies, ice blocks, panacotta or as a plain tea
    *Try to find good quality organic matcha if budget allows.
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