25 – Why won’t my baby sleep and what can I do to support them? With Kristy from The Sleep Teacher

We see you there listening to this podcast at 3am while you rock/shoosh/pat/feed/cuddle your baby to sleep wondering if this is normal and how you could maybe get just a little bit more shut eye! Sleep (or lack of) and babies seem to go hand in hand… and while waking through the night is to be expected, it doesn’t have to be torturous or ongoing. Enter Kristy…

Kristy is the face behind The Sleep Teacher, a team of child and infant sleep consultants who have worked with over 15 000 families worldwide. As a Mum herself, Kristy knows that what may work for one family, may not work for another. She is not here to convince you that what you are doing sleep wise isn’t the right thing, but rather to help and support you when you feel your current situation is no longer working.

in this podcast we cover:

  • What is sleep hygiene and some practices we can put in place to help with bedtime

  • What the ultimate sleep environment looks like

  • Rhythms and routines for bedtime

  • What are awake windows and how we can use them in our favour to have flexible, but predictable sleep

  • How starting solids may impact sleep, and whether it will actually help

  • and so much more!

You can connect with Kristy on Instagram, her new podcast or check out her many resources or book a consult on her website.

Listen to Episode 25 HERE

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