52 – Setting up your finances for 2024 with financial educator Melissa Browne

Hands up who is feeling stressed about the state of their finances, the economy or has no idea what any of it means? We both have our hands in the air! But thankfully the incredible Melissa Browne joins us on the podcast again to clear it all up.

Mel isn’t your typical finance person. Yes, she’s an award-winning ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor but she’s also a multi-millionaire (after having started with less than nothing in her early thirties) who is now a financial educator & best-selling author. Her training has helped thousands of people develop their own tailored financial mix of everything they need to place their energy into and nothing they don’t so they can walk away from the financial merry-go-round they’re on. Her passion is to increase the financial literacy of women and in doing so, to help create your financial confidence and your wealth.

In this podcast we chat to Mel about:

  • What on earth is happening in the current economic climate and her predictions for 2024
  • How we can start 2024 feeling good financially
  • Some quick money saving tips when we feel like we are struggling and strategies for taming money anxiety
  • How we can save money on our grocery bill
  • Some of the biggest financial leaks that you might not have considered
  • Tips to transition from a 2 income family to single income
  • and so much more!

Mel has kindly offered our Boob to Food community some incredible free resources to support the conversation further which can check out HERE.

Some other resources we mentioned include:

You can connect with Mel on instagram or her website 

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Presented by Luka McCabe and Kate Holm

To get in touch please email podcast@boobtofood.com

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