59 – TANTRUMS… the ins, the outs and the WTFs with Dr Billy Garvey, developmental paediatrician

This week we welcome Dr Billy Garvey back to the podcast to share his wisdom on all things tantrums… because let’s face it, if we aren’t already going through it, we probably will soon enough!

Billy is a developmental paediatrician with nearly 20 years experience working with children in a number of settings. His clinical and research interests include child development and mental health, multidisciplinary collaboration, improving health literacy and promoting community engagement to support all families.

He is also the co-founder and co-host of an excellent podcast – Pop Culture Parenting, which aims support child development and wellbeing using evidence in a meaningful, fun and realistic way. Definitely check it out!

In this podcast we chat to Billy about:

  • Why do our children tantrum and what is a typical age we can expect them to start
  • Practical tips we can use to minimise tantrums and what we can do if one has already kicked off
  •  What to do if we as the parent feels like tantrumming and don’t have the patience to respond
  • What to do if a tantrum is affecting your child’s safety or other children
  • Red flags for when it is no longer “normal” tantrumming and where to seek help
  • Will it ever end
  • and so much more!

Dr Billy is an absolute wealth of knowledge is so generous with his wisdom. He also shares so much that can benefits families with children of all ages and stages, as well as adults too – we highly recommend you tune in!

You can connect with Billy on Instagram as well as on his podcast (which you can listen to HERE)

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