58 – How do you cope when one of your twins needs surgery at 14 hours old and being a good enough mum with Dr Jess Montfort

Navigating newborn life (especially with twins!) can be challenging at the best of times… but how do you cope when one of your twins requires surgery at only 14 hours old and you find yourself caught on a rollercoaster of medical complications? Dr Jess Montfort shares her incredibly moving experience on today’s episode.

Dr Jess is a consultant psychiatrist, university lecturer, and mum to 2 year old spirited twins living in Byron Bay, Australia. While she has extensive experience working professionally with both perinatal and infant mental health, today she is sharing her personal reflections.


In this podcast we discuss

  • what it was like to fall pregnant with twins and how she found her pregnancy
  • when it became apparent that one of her twins had a serious medical issue
  • the rollercoaster of medical events that ensued, and how she navigated having one twin in hospital and the other ready for home
  • feelings of anxiety and how being a psychiatrist doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t face challenges
  • the importance of being a “good enough mum” and how we can do this
  • and so much more!

If you would like to connect or work with Jess you can visit her website www.jessmontfort.com


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