57 – Sex and intimacy after kids with sexologist Juliet Allen

If you’re like the hundreds of women who asked questions about this topic, then chances are you too are wondering where on earth your libido has gone, if it will ever come back and what sex really looks like after having babies. So we took it straight to expert, because let’s be honest… Luka and Kate are both wondering the same thing!

Juliet Allen is a global leading sexologist and mentor, well-known for her bold, straight-to-the-point manner and for authentically sharing her own experience as a lover of all things sex and sensuality. She is also in the depths of the postpartum period herself for the third time, so she really gets it!


In this podcast we discuss

  • Whether it is normal to have no sex drive after having kids, and if it will ever come back
  • If we SHOULD be having sex even if we feel touched out or like it is a chore?
  • How to switch off your mum brain so you have a chance of getting in the mood
  • Tips for intimacy when co-sleeping
  • How often people are really having sex and what is normal
  • Navigating pain with intercourse after childbirth
  • and so much more!

You can connect with Juliet on Instagram @juliet_allen or her website www.juliet-allen.com

You can also listen to the separation anxiety episode with Lael Stone that Kate mentions HERE

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