72 – The reality of birth trauma and letting it go with Bernadette Lack from Core & Floor Restore

While we excitedly wait for 9 months to meet our babies, the reality for many women is that the birth they have been hoping for may not be the one they experience. Many women are left feeling physically and emotionally shaken, confused, overwhelmed or many other distressing emotions that amount to birth trauma – something that is not always easy to discuss.

So today we are joined by the incredible Bernadette Lack – a midwife, creator and founder of Core and Floor Restore and co-creator of Motheration, two companies centered around enabling you to feel the very best version of yourself emotionally and physically. She is also an author, educator, and co-host of The Great Birth Rebellion podcast. Her favourite roles in life though are being a lover to her husband and mother to their two epic children.

In this podcast we discuss

  • What exactly is birth trauma and why it is such an important topic to address
  • How someone might know if they have experienced birth trauma
  • The impact of birth trauma on the mother, baby and future generations
  • Whether birth outcomes are really improving
  • How you can release or process birth trauma
  • What to do if you have had a traumatic birth and are pregnant again
  • … and so much more!

You can connect with Bernadette and her amazing work on instagram as well as

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