75 – Top tips for sleep deprivation with Luka & Kate PLUS navigating extreme sleep deprivation and adrenal fatigue with Kirsten Shanks

It is said that mothers lose more than 2 months of sleep in their baby’s first year of life. Who else feels exhausted just reading that? So if the change is inevitable, what can you do support yourself and maximise the energy and resources you have available during this time? Today’s episode is a 2-for-1 guide with Luka & Kate as well as a personal reflection from the beautiful Kirsten Shanks.

Kirsten Shanks is the founder and CEO of Orchard St. – a beautiful business with four iconic Sydney spaces offering a naturopath curated product range including potent and pure herbal medicines, conscious lifestyle wares and their signature juice cleanse offerings. She is also a qualified Naturopath with over 20 years experience in the plant realm and a devotion to explorations of ecology, consciousness and most importantly; motherhood.

In this podcast we discuss

  • Luka and Kate’s top tips for anyone in the depths of sleep deprivation

  • The contrast of mothering with community but no family in Sydney vs with family but no community in NZ
  • Signs that Kirsten was experiencing burnout 
  • The challenge of showing up as a mother, business owner, partner, friend and human when only sleeping for a couple of hours each night
  • Naturopathic tools that Kirsten found valuable through this time
  • The importance of deep rest that no herb, matcha, coffee or other remedy can replace
  • … and so much more!

You can connect with Kirsten via instagram as well as the Orchard St. website.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Chief. We know how challenging it can be to nourish yourself in the depths of sleep deprivation and the busyness of motherhood, and we also know how important it is! Chief’s range of high quality, Australian grass-fed bovine collagens are one of our favourite ingredients to include to increase protein for busy mums – think more stable blood sugars, as well as providing building blocks to support your skin, joints, gut and so much more. We love adding it to smoothies, porridge, pancakes or even mixing it into yoghurt, but it is so versatile and great for the whole family.

You can use the code BOOB20 for 20% off their range of collagen powders. Visit wearechief.com to check it out today.

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