49 – Forbidden foods and navigating parties with paediatric Occupational Therapist Rachael Smith

With the festive season in full swing it is likely you and your child will come in contact with some forbidden foods… so what should you do? Our paediatric occupational therapist Rachael Smith has you covered.

For those who don’t know Rach, she is a mum to her daughter Olive, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, and the owner of Therapy Time, a private practice based in Brisbane.

Even before having her own family, she has always been passionate about taking a big picture approach to child development. Rach strongly believes that what we eat has a huge impact on everything and sees this everyday in her clinical practice (and at home).

Meal times are a big deal for our little ones, and they require a lot of sensory, fine motor, oral motor, and behavioural skills. With her gentle, kind and empowering approach Rach equips parents with a toolkit full of responsive, evidence-based and family-centered strategies.

In this podcast we discuss

  • What are forbidden foods? Should any foods be off the menu?
  • What age should we start being more relaxed around sweet or sugar/additive laden foods and whether there is a magic age to introduce them
  • Should we be teaching our kids about healthy/unhealthy foods?
  • The language we should use when talking to our kids about different foods
  • How to navigate social events or situations where different foods are offered
  • Whether restricting our kids will make them go crazy at the dessert table!
  • Communicating with other caregivers
  • and so much more…

Some books that Rach loves to support this topic include…

  • What’s On Your Plate by Whitney Stewart
  • The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup by Hunter Liguore
  • Off to the Market by Alice Oehr
  • In My Garden by Kate Mayes and Tamsin Ainslie

Listen to episode 49 HERE

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